Saturday, September 18, 2010


 Belmeken (Bulgaria)… 
I love this place!

The first time I was on Belmeken in 2007, but the camp  did not go well .. the first day was traumatized ... torn ligament knee playing volleyball. The remaining 20 days tanning in the sun and rested as a tourist, while the other prepared for the World Cup season…

This year I decided to go back to Bulgaria and that was great !!! ))) My team went to Borovoye, Kazakhstan ... but I decided on the height. At Belmeken 1900 m

The first 10 days I had company: Lamovy, Malinowski and the guys from Norway. Lars, Øyvind and Hans ... the first time they were here ... Stanimir Belomazhev helped them organize the camp. Trainings were fun)) went on hikes in the *Cabin*, and a *Tooth* ... (2400m and 2600 meters). Roller track is not long, but difficult on the profile ... I was skiing on the road .. in one direction 5km .. loop of 10 km was OK. That's quite had enough)))

Twice descended into Yundola (19 km down from Belmekena) and from there climbed up the hill on rollers ... Very heavy training! with the weather a little luck .. in early September had start cold and rained 5-6 days)) but this did not bother to train. Snow even fly one day))) Generally on Belmeken always a lot of people ... were Norwegian biathlons, 18 days ... in September came skiers and biathlons from Kazakhstan, just 60 ... man! 61 if you count me))) and of course Bulgarian athletes!

 Big Big Thanks to Plamen !!! for this training camp, I were live at his apartment…

 Next year I want to go there for the summer ... next to Belmeken there are several different places .. so that you can fully train all summer, to change places and carry interest charges! That such plans))

And now .. time to go home :))

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How I spent time in Trondheim ...

Trondheim, City Center

I wanted to visit in Norway since 1997 ... when my mom went to the World Championships in Grimstad ... she told me that it is very beautiful and unusual country! With nature there is a wonderfull, beautiful woods, wild cliffs and of course the ocean!
This year I finally had a chance to make my dream real...
Marte Reenaas, my friend, invited me to her house ... and she lives in Trondheim.
Trondheim-was founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvason in 997, was the nation's first capital and continues to be the coronation city where Norway's kings from Harald Hårfagre (872-933) to King Harald V (1991 -) have been hailed, crowned and blessed .
Local residents called “Trønder”.
Today, Trondheim is the third largest city in the country, its population is 150 thousand people. The city occupies a special place in history and culture of Norway. Trondheim - a modern city, where the largest university in which students learn to 25,000. Here is one of the largest centers of high technology in Europe.
Trondheim is situated in the central part of Norway, just 500 km from Oslo.
So, about me…In August in Trondheim was World Championship (Foot-Orienteering) ... 
I decided that this is an excellent chance to visit Norway and compete at WOC !
I came 6th of August, Øyvind Watterdal pic me up at the airport ,he is my good friend, a skier-orienteer ... during the World Champ, I lived with Lars Moholdt,Tia,Ove and Øyvind  ... they rent an apartment ... not far from the ski center Granasen ... yet passed the championship, I almost did not go anywhere and not see the local beauties. Just stayed home and talked to the guys ...))) One evening they participated in a cross, on which they get strawberry))) so that evening we had a very delicious dessert)))
After the Championship, I moved to Marte  and Christian, her husband ...
They live not far from the center ... in a small apartment, 2 rooms, kitchen ... and a huge room for sporting equipment))) its everything there! And bicycles, rollers, skis and equipment ... ... all just a dream for athlete))) I like the fact that right in the corridor they had a simulator, for strong hands, it is very important for the winter ... and also right next to the house big forest. In general, all the conditions for training ... to go out and run ... or skiing ...))) GREAT!
First of all, the day of rest, I went for a walk around the city, with the camera)) took a lot of fotos…walk in the place of the final Sprint. But of course I'm not far away ... a lot of walking))) in the evening we planned with Marte to go into town for a walk ... And of course go)))
The car we have left right in the center, not far from the Cathedral Nidaros ... with him and we started to tour))) how everything is beautiful! Words can not describe ... Cathedral, the historic building, and inside it is BIG, and all old .. so bad that I cant make photo there...
Then we went to the old part of town, across the river to see what houses used to be in Trondheim ... here are some photos ...

Then we headed to the center, walk along the river, saw a food court and boat center ... Just like in the pictures)) Beauty!
Before we go home, went into the fish shop ... for dinner we had a Norwegian delicacy of the fish ... Salmon ... Very tasty!
Before my departure to Bulgaria, I, Marte and Christian decided to go to a restaurant Galaksen, which is located in the tower Tyuholt. The height of this tower, built by the Office communication, 120 m. The elevator takes you to the terrace, offering panoramic view of Trondheim and its surroundings. Revolving restaurant Galaksen makes a complete turn for 1 hour.
the Cathedral Nidaros
That's how I became acquainted with the whole town!
I would have to go to Norway in the winter too ...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nice training camp in Funäsdalen with Strindheim club,Trondheim !!!

(Foto: Ole )

This is my first blog story ... :)
But I'm glad that begins with it !
In August, I was in Norway, Trondheim, at the World Championships (foot-o) ... the first time in my life! For the first time I think my results is not bad ... got to the final middle distance ... but in the final was 30 place ... but it is all a prestory ...))) after the World Championship, I stayed away from Marte Reenaas (for that many thanks to her and Christian)
2 days we were at her house, and then went to Sweden in Funäsdalen, the training camp with the club Strindheim (a club of cross-country skiers ) ...
 It was a very interesting CAMP! A variety of trainings and beautiful places!
The coach was with us Ole ... we have similar names)) he is very kind and understanding coach! Thanks to his great, that allowed to come to them to the camp! 
At this week the first time I stood on roller-ski, over the summer ... (all equipment for  me was from  Marte ... because I have been with only summer and running stuff ...) Rollers used SweNOR, like Marwe, slow, very good ... There I started using a helmet for training, in fact it is very important for security!
The plan of our training, I will not write, so as not to disclose the secrets of preparing my friends)) I will only say that this Training Camp I will remember for a long time!
We have been training  a lot and planned))
Now continue to train myself .. in Bulgaria ... in Belmeken ...
(Foto: Marte Reenaas)